east conway beef & pork

Family owned and operated

A Federal Plant for processing and smoking Beef,Pig,Goat,Sheep and Buffalo


We furnish labels for federal & custom orders, free with just a set up cost. Ask us for more details!

servicing All Of New England's butchering needs

Please print a cut sheet, fill it out and bring it with you when you drop off your animal or you can email it to us at  eastconwaybeef@yahoo.com.

This allows for a smooth and speedy drop off.

Pig Cut Sheet                             Beef Cut Sheet                       Goat/Lamb Cut Sheet

Beef Cut Prices

​​$60.00 Slaughter Fee          $.80/lb Cutting & Wrapping          $25 Rendering           $1 Patties

Pig Cut Prices

$60.00 Slaughter Fee          $.70/lb Cutting & Wrapping of Fresh & Smoked

$1/lb For Regular Smoking          $1.50/lb For Nitrate Free Smoking          $5/Slab to Slice Bacon

$2.50/piece Canadian & English Back          $1.50/lb Small Sausage links           $1/lb Lg. Sausage Links              Patties $1.50

​Lamb & Goat Prices

​$35.00 Slaughter Fee          $.85/lb Cutting & Wrapping